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Liquid Fertilizers

KESO offers a complete line of Liquid Fertilizers highlighted with Grigg Brothers Proven Foliar products. Fairway FertiSpray products complete the line from Grigg Brothers. KESO also carries the Foltec line of liquids from The Andersons.

Grigg Brothers - A-O-K Potassium Complex 25% 1-0-25

25% K

A-O-K is a high potassium containing product designed to enhance turfgrass carbohydrate storage, promote root growth and vegetative spread, and increase tolerance of wear and salinity stress. This product is ideal for sandy soils where potassium...

Grigg Brothers - Gary's Green 18-3-4

Gary’s Green is specifically designed to provide an efficient form of foliar absorbed nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients for consistent turfgrass growth, recovery and vigor at golf and sports turf sites. Use Gary's...

Grigg Brothers - Gary's Green Ultra 13-2-3

+ Iron

Gary's Green Ultra® was created for convenience at the request of many turfgrass managers combing Gary's Green and Ultrplex in one formulation. Green- up without rapid growth A complete analysis fertilizer and is effective...

Grigg Brothers - Nutra Green 5-10-5

Turf & Landscape

Nutra Green is an all-around product useful in regular feeding programs or as a nutrient source for landscape plants and flowers. Nutra Green contains high P for soils with limited phosphorous availability or for situations where the turf...

Grigg Brothers - PK Plus 3-7-14

+ 14% Phosphite

This formulation contains nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and potassium phosphite to supply foliar potassium and phosphite for improved plant health. Phosphites stimulate upregulation of plant defense mechanisms like antioxidant and phytoalexin...

Grigg Brothers - Sili-Kal B™ 8-0-4

+Ca, Si & B

Sili-Kal B™ is a high calcium product combined with nitrogen and potassium for increased strength, heat tolerance, and turf rigidity. Sili-Kal B™ has all of the same great qualities as all Proven Foliar™ products PLUS...

Grigg Brothers - Ultraplex 4-0-3

+ micronutrients

Ultraplex is a foundation product containing a non-ionic surfactant and buffering agent, and is recommended to add to the tank first to maximize buffering capabilities. One gallon of Ultraplex will buffer 100 gallons of water with pH 8.0 to...




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