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KESO offers a wide range of adjuvants including spreaders, stickers, water conditioners and drift control products, designed to enhance the performance of plant protectants.

Border 2.0

Drift Control Agent and Deposition Aid

A concentrated liquid adjuvant for spray droplet management. It enhances the performance of spray applications by modifying the physical characteristics of the spray droplet, improving droplet retention while reducing off-target movement.

BRANDT Indicate 5®

Multi-Functional Adjuvant

BRANDT INDICATE 5 is multi-functional adjuvant and water conditioner that counters the detrimental effects of high pH and hard water on sensitive pesticides. BRANDT INDICATE 5 adjusts water pH and contains a patented, built-in pH indicator...


Water Conditioner and Deposition Aid

COMPOUND is a specialized utility modifier and deposition agent that acts as a pH adjuster and water conditioner. COMPOUND maintains the integrity of the spray diluent (water) and protects tank mix partners from deactivation by hard water cations.


Foam Suppressant

Foam suppressant quickly defoams spray solutions containing nonionic surfactants, silicone surfactants or crop oil concentrates. General purpose antifoamer and defoamer Prevents foam spillover Easy-to-use fliptop lid and 2 oz. dosing...


Humectant and Water Conditioning Agent

LV is a low-use-rate blend of water conditioning agents specifically formulated for low volume sprays. LV is designed to block hard water cations from interacting with pesticide molecules. Ease of use and mixing characteristics make it ideal...


Topdressing Enhancement

SPEED is a low-foaming, low use-rate nonionic surfactant. When applied to moist sand after top-dressing, SPEED reduces or eliminates the buildup of sand on mower reels, mower bed-knives and golf balls. Provides superior coverage of contact...




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